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SPEAR stands for Simulator of Physiscal Environment for Agents (Animats) Research.

It is a fast library designed to conduct heavy calculations regarding multi-agents system. It includes as well a mechanic and dynamic engine in order to make this simulations rather realistic.

SPEAR is in C++ and released with the General Public License. It is provided as this with no warranty.

Features included :

  • Creation of realistic environments
  • exact 2D collision detection
  • Easy multi-agent programming via inheritance
  • OpenGL or X window displays easily bypassable
  • Display server for distant monitoring
  • Highly interfacable
  • Wide range of simulated sensors
  • Very well UNdocumented (perhaps shouldn't be there :(
  • Optionnally, open SPEAR can wrap ODE enabling :

  • 3D collision detection
  • Joint, force & torque calculation